— Inspirational Story
from Janet


— That's my journey

I was dying inside. I was lost.

I started this business over fourteen years ago, as I was searching a new me. I felt like I was dying inside and knew that I needed a big change in my life. I began seeking practices that would help me to move through this change.

The first of these was Ion Cleansing. This treatment helped me with toxins that were trapped in my body. I so loved what it was doing to me, that I began my business offering Ion Cleanses to people who wanted to get toxins out of their bodies. I worked with a chiropractor and  together we both learned how beneficial Ion Cleanse were for our clients.

That, in turn, led me to my second discovery: Indian Head Massages. I had the opportunity to study this exceptionally-relaxing massage and added this service to my clients. I was astounded by the dramatic effect that it had for people who suffered from migraines.

The third moment of serendipity was when I was introduced to Reiki (Japanese Energy) and, after 5yrs of practice, I’m now a Reiki Master and Teacher. Along this new journey, over the course of ten years, I have continued to develop my skills and knowledge.

I’ve studied the Inka Traditions of Peru with Elizabeth Jenkins (author with Hay House USA) and the Ancient Toltec healings of Mexico with Sergio Magana (author with Hay House) England. 

Currently, I’m also studying under Alma Santiago from Mexico, who is my mentor in elemental healing. With all the experiences and life lessons that I’ve had, I’m now sharing my Knowledge through courses and workshops for those seeking their big change.

 I look forward to meeting you for a consultation and developing a plan to help you live a more fulfilled life.

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